A Brief History

The Hidden Drive That Shapes And
Produces Remote High Yield Agency Sales

Plus a post pandemic worksheet for how you can do the same from the comfort of your executive home office using email and Skype

A Brief History of

 The Hidden Drive That Shapes And Produces Remote  High Yield Agency Sales 


Chapter Previews

VIP SEO The Grumpy Untold 
Origin Story-

A Madison Avenue office tower in NYC,  the media capital of the world.  To some native New Yorker's, the center of the planet.

The chain-smoking media boss wore a red baseball cap that matched his Ferrari.  8:30 am we were alone in his office before our team arrived to hit the phones by 9:30 am. 

By noon on a good day I would have banked $2,000 from insertion order sales based on a specific technique of selling branded digital and print media which remains the topic of this writing.

100% faceless and remote.  Ad sales at high performance levels is like any other business, it’s war. 
Though most amateur practitioners don’t approach it that way. 

My core role was to lead the sales team and lead by example to constantly display proof of concept during the ad-sales piloting phases.  

It's never a good idea to recruit and train ad sales reps based on the premise of earning 6 figures or more per year, if they can’t see that it can be done by the boss.

Our weapons of choice; well executed phone calls, faxes, (you’d be surprised how effective faxes remain today in certain niches) and email.

My boss paced while agitated with reddened blue eyes behind his glasses.  He had more business home runs to hit despite work being an optional hobby.

When Print & Digital Ad Sales Converged-

The 104th Congress of the United States of America signed into law a dandy piece of legislation called the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

For most Americans it simply meant more broadcast entertainment.  Mostly TV.  
In fact, the new policy enabled unprecedented media alliances and corporate control of mass media.  

"The Trade Money War" as my mentor described it, was a government hit job on the minds of the masses triggered by well-paid DC political lobbyist.

The trade he referred to is the media trade. Specifically, all relevant broadcast media.

So be it, we’ll go to Islamorada for the weekend.  Gawk at some tits, grab beer and burgers
at the Tiki Bar along the way.  We’ll work on our tans.   Then we’ll create an anti-ordinary media money plan.

We’ll call it our Ferretti Masterplan weekend. Come hither and read this legislative BS for yourself, Celeste faxed it over to me.

Reduced government oversight enabled broadcast media cartels covering land, air, and sea to control most of how you think about any given subject.

Without getting too deep into the woods about industrial media politics which influenced the Telecommunications Act, it means plainly that over 80% ...

Print is Dead or Is it? Enter
VIP SEO & Hush Contracts-

Considering the majority of amateur SEO practitioners have it welded into their heads that Print is Dead,

It's no surprise than many struggle to earn an executive income from home. 

Yet as early as 1996 -1997 when print became officially ordained dead, and as recently as 2021 -

My top phone sales pros earned over $1K per day selling blended media ad space.  

It is because these inside ad sales teams gripped the value of selling PRINT as an accessory product to digital.  

During that era, the leveled media network of editors, publishers, client facing marketing managers, ad agencies, and their media buyers became overwhelmed with digital decisions.

Search marketing sales pitches were on steroids.

The internet was becoming a thing.

A scrambled gold rush during a phase where you could get a 6 figure insertion order just by explaining over the phone, that a branded news outlet got over 1 Million "hits" per week.

The Dominance of
Search Marketing-

Under a pen name in 2010 after early semi retirement, I published my first e-book for the special interest audience of SEO / SEM startups.

At the time I did not have hard data about how many SEO practitioners were active in the US or foreign markets, and I didn't care so much.  

I estimated loosely less than 30,000.  A guru recently declared roughly 70,000.  

Definitions for this kind of data can only be ...

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