The best natural antidepressant is a quiet remote 6 digit per month autopay income enabled by skill and tech. Learn how I did it by selling Top Class full stack ad tech services as a CyberJunkie & Digital Nomad. You can save a Decade or more. Out-learning leads to Out-earning success! Plus if I can do this you can do this Better, Faster, and Cheaper!

Former NYC - Miami - London Omnichannel Ad Agency Inside Sales Director Turned Ad Tech High Ticket Sales Tutor


Years serving the industry
since 1996


Time zones expertise (USA + UK + E/W Caribbean + Philippines)

150 +

Type-A sales contracts perfected in
5 industries

900 +

Corp Ad tech B2B sales trainees
since 2006

800 +

Private sector trainees
since 2010

20 +

Private digital training courses created since 2010


Countries lived in
during professional career 

5 +

Celebrity rep management contracts executed from my own indie agency


Film made about the life of one of my consulting clients [Middle Men released in 2010 Paramount]

80 M+

SEO / full-stack ad-tech contracts sold lifetime. Corp job phase &
UNbossed phase combined


Industry remote sales awards
received during Corp job era


Years of remote full-stack agency sales tutoring contracts 


Physical home study courses
created since 2010

80 +

BPO offshore seats under
current management 


High seven figure B2B mentor helped create my first Global Million online


High eight figure media product sales mentors helped me grow more


9 figure B2B ad-tech sales & media mogul mentor. Joined at the hip until I UNbossed myself in 2006 – Epic experience!


Cool parents that funded my first home based biz at age 14 with a $5K loan 


Years old when I officially became a quiet 7 digit remote earner 

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Trainee Micro Feedback Loop

I always had the misconception that I could achieve a certain level or success on my own, but now I'm becoming addicted to the speed at which an expert's point of view can explode ones potential. I suppose that's why super successful people attribute so much to their coaches. Thanks David "CyberJunkie"

Digital DM

I'm off to South Africa with this to open a new market channel since I now have full clarity on what to do and how to do it, cheers mate for lighting the way

Lawrence L -Online Genius Team

This course, along with David's team and direct hands-on guidance into your business revolutionizes the field of digital marketing services sales and operations. It makes building your business and profiting fun and much easier.

Jim P., Lawyer, Son of Former Attorney General, Cambridge Alumni

    Mini About Me

    The Mini 26 years “About Me” without taking 26 years to unpack

    I’ve used CyberJunkie within online forums for over a decade. It’s part lifestyle alter ego, and it’s also a pen name used to safeguard my privacy within forums.

    I’ve built a good rep for helping media entrepreneurs sell top tier full stack agency campaigns using exclusive & time sensitive special interest achievement marketing strategies.

    This low radar high profit method of earning remotely online is recurring and teachable.I don’t know a faster way to build a high 6 or low 7 figure independent agency.

    I teach remote media entrepreneurs how to sell branded managed ad contracts to high income professionals globally as a way of creating financial autonomy.

    Most media entrepreneurs, SEO practitioners, video marketers gurus, mini gurus and wanna be gurus don’t know how to do this.

    A bit before I unbossed myself and moved abroad in 2006 to start my own agency in London, I had a corporate day job selling bundled digital and print ad campaign packages for high income professionals in select niches.

    Here’s the short backstory.

    American Express Publishing Inc. used to own Travel & Leisure Magazine.
    My day job at the time… Sales Director of Special Features.

    That’s a fancy way of saying that I lead the division that sold bundled ad campaigns to large and small businesses using targeted outbound calling and fax machines.

    Along with my then boss and media mentor I co created and piloted what was then a powerful paid advertising model for competitive business professionals who were demonstrably skilled in a handful of B2B categories. We created the World’s Best Series. Special features covering …

    Law / Medicine / Real Estate / Restaurants / Hotels / Banking & Finance.

    Using specific forms of achievement marketing campaigns remains the fastest way that I know to systematically rake in high ticket B2B ad tech agency clients.


    Selling Top Class ad-tech services is a high income skill that requires more than Google rankings, FB ads, and social media marketing.

    VIP Access to special events & a calendar of private services has remained a staple in obtaining top tier full stack agency contracts.

    Below is an index which displays some of the combination events which produces agency advertising contracts at 6 & 7 digit levels.

    Our training teaches has to enable these easily

    American Grammy Awards Brit Awards:

    UK's answer to the American Grammy Awards

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    Berlin, Istanbul, London, Mumbai, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Paris, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Budapest, Shenzhen, Beijing, Zurich

    Art Basel International

    Basel Switzerland, Miami Beach, Hong Kong

    Private VIP parties hosted by business leaders in private luxury residences

    Cleo Awards

    CMA - Country Music Awards

    Charity Events

    Celebrity Charity Events

    Make A Wish Foundation Charity Events

    Tony Awards

    Kids Choice Awards

    Academy of Country Music Awards

    Screen Actors Guild Awards

    MTV Movie Awards

    Teen Choice Awards

    MTV Video Music Awards

    The Academy Awards

    TMZ Holiday Parties

    Private VIP Parties Hosted by Celebrities

    Private VIP parties hosted by business leaders in private luxury residences

    The Academy Awards

    TMZ Holiday Parties

    Private VIP Parties Hosted by Celebrities

    BET Hip Hop Awards

    Private VIP Product Launches by Preferred Brands

    Sports Illustrated Night Before party

    Exclusive Wine Tasting Events Prominent Film Festivals events ECU

    Your pic with friends in the social section of prominent internationally syndicated entertainment and lifestyle magazines

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