"Ever Wonder Why Some SEO Freelancers
& Full Service Digital Agencies THRIVE 
During Any Economy Even C-19?"

What Do They Know That
Others Don't Know? 

Access the hidden profit strategies used by the world's leading ad agency sales reps.

Learn How to quietly reel in 6 & 7 digit
VIP SEO Full Stack Services Clients From Home!

Few full-Service digital marketing agencies
 & Fewer SEO Freelancers Know Exactly How
To Steadily Turn Targeted Cold Email Outreach

Into $5,000, $10,000 to $12,000 P/M Media
Workflows & Profit Rich Contracts Within A Post
Pandemic World

Sellers and resellers of media products and services who have not yet stabilized annual remote profits between $150K to $300K annually will benefit the most from this limited release special interest training.

Achieving these results requires learning a powerful yet inconspicuous honorific campaign creation formula which combines digital + print as a premium reliable high converting sales strategy. 



Scenes Above Reflect Elite Digital Campaigns
Supported by Powerful Print Campaigns

These are $10K to $12K per Month Full Stack
Recurring Income Agency Deals Specifically 
Designed for high income professionals

SOLD REMOTELY from the privacy of an
executive home office  

Scenes below reflect a day in the life of a small
group of people who have mastered selling
top tier agency services to high income professionals
from virtually anywhere in the world.

That's why when I train people to do what I know
how to do I take work with me.

It's easy because my entire office fits neatly
within a Zenbook 13.

Even on a cloudy day, My 3 Hour workday often looks like this ...

A Proven +15 Year Insider's Recession Proof Conversion Secret 

I Co Developed This SALES Strategy For
American Expresses Travel & Leisure
Brand & Gannett Corps USA Today
 Among Others.

In Fact, I Authored The Official Training &
Operations MANUAL For New Ad Sales managers.
   I Hired & Trained each Professionally

Below is a replica of That HR
Operations Manual

NEW Honorific Media Executive HR & Training Guide

The World's Best Special Edition Features

-Internal Use only-
Offsite Removal Forbidden
Dominion Press LLC

I'll share a short version of an interesting Insight that I trust will inspire creativity and better ideas for a wide variety of ultra ambitious Indie media entrepreneurs

This low radar high yield sales strategy thrives
because it does not solely rely on obsessing over
unsteady Google rankings that you can't control

Instead, if you really want your financial ship
to come in by selling top level agency services

The Best low radar high yield Inside sales
strategy for Full-Service Digital Marketing Agencies
relies on 4 simple things below

  • Preselection campaign research guidelines / Targeting Top Client Caliber Across 100+ Business Categories
  • Extreme campaign scarcity delivered to deserving prospects / The Exclusive Luxury Media Product
  • Prioritizing digital and print communications roll outs / Global Business Growth Loop  
  • Merit based special interest media and private services / The 6 Digit Value Ladder Tree

Mastering the 4 anchors above enables
remote 6 & 7 digit Sales Campaign Mastery.  

Some agency practitioners call these
Enterprise Value deals.    

This level of Sales Mastery can reframe
your lean agency and repurpose it into
a thriving
high 6 or low 7 digit globalized
agency to be proud of.

For those who crave specifics, below
is the mechanical framework for a
$5,000, $10,000 +$12,000 Per Month
engagement with profits from sales
ranging from 20% to $40%

7 MOVING PARTS ABOVE BECAUSE Below within 5 critical cells You Won't Find ...






Fill Counter
Fill Counter
Fill Counter
Fill Counter
Fill Counter

Of Mass Affluent Market Prospects Have Never Been Solicited For Top Level Campaigns Of Such Distinction

Of These Clients Are Excited To Participate In Limited Availability Honorific Media Campaigns

Are Hyper Ambitious, Have Specialized Business Skills Which Requires Advanced Degrees

Targeted Clients Are 10X More Likely To Invest Substantially in Print & Digital Full Stack SEO Campaigns

Of Campaign Investors Use Their Campaigns As Elite Brand Extension Tools To Produce Higher Success For Their Business

Full service digital agency providers and sEO Freelancers who integrate our training and formulas into their operations as a new product to obtain and service new business; target clients with investable assets of at least $100,000 for business growth.

If you've never sold bundled higher ticket media products and services specifically to high income professionals, then you might have the false perception that the market size is small or impossible to access.

That's wrong. 
The global market size is big and in excess of over 10 Million people, and that's just one industry.  

Servicing high income professionals in a distinct way remains a genuine evergreen cross-border opportunity which targets over 100 qualified business professions within each Digital Ad Industry below.


Banking & Finance



Real Estate

Resorts Hotels

VIDEO SUMMARY Touching Each of the 5 Points Above


As a sales formula, many freelance SEO practitioners ride the wave of industry norms and OBSESS about delivering heaps of traffic from technical combination work.  

This work usually relies on an army of backlinks, keywords, social media marketing, plus variations of PPC marketing.  Paid traffic sources.

This prevalent combination is designed to sell new agency clients service packages which usually lands within the $500 to $1,300  
per month price range if you're lucky.

Within my other business, a successful 11 year old cross-border digital agency sales and management consulting service, I've seen itemized proposals using that exact sales format.  

As part of the client intake process, I've seen many proposals providing 50 to 100 "Money Keywords" stacked above a buy button with well known social media services listed traditionally in order to convey 

Yet prospects don't buy, sales cycles are unnecessarily long, plus financial calendars are cash starved.  

That's because the offers are generic, don't hold jackpot level value distinction, and that renders the entire sales process unpersuasive.   

I've witnessed this as normal standard operating process which falls flat tremendously because this approach lacks sizzle.  It lacks genuine urgency.  It lacks genuine scarcity.  It lacks genuine exclusivity.    

Plainly, if your goal is to sell top level agency deals to the mass affluent market, you must forget EVERYTHING THAT YOU KNOW about "me too sales pitches".

They fail because common and easy to access media products offered by most markters lack product market fit.

Traditional sales cycles are overwhelmingly unpersuasive, it often leads to practitioner burn out, dissatisfaction, failure, and grinding frustration.

Since 2010 with my other consulting company, I've had these discussions with heaps of SEO freelance startups and veteran agency owners.

Despite the agency or location, and despite the level of sales stability, the operations framework 
and conversations are similar.  

That's because the Selling Points used among most SEO freelancers, and full service digital services providers are
virtually identical.

Selling Points For Selling Agency Deals Valued In Excess of $100,000 Requires Exclusive Strategy

Learning How to Sell Enterprise Value Agency Services Like a Veteran Ad Agency Boss 

To The Mass Affluent Market
Can Be a Bit Like Solving Rubik's Cube!

If you've never learned the discipline and
frameworks of selling +$200,000 branded
ad contracts you are at a disadvantage that
can be fixed!

Your brain probably triggers fear, skepticism
and intimidation at the mere thought of
selling that level of business. 

Virtual Trainings

But what if I taught you the simple fact that it takes the same effort to remotely sell a $1,000 per month agency contract as it takes to sell a $12,000 per month agency deal.

Low Key Media Sales Hack

What If I revealed to you in detail that the secret to activating 6 & 7 digit VIP SEO marketing agency clients does not depend on the bulk of your keyword stack.

In fact, what if I told you that it's far easier to reel in $5,000, $8,000, or $12,000 per month full stack agency clients using one
 longtail Keyword, paired with a PRINT campaign feature as your primary media product.

Typically these keywords are among the easiest to secure top rankings for.

These are coveted by high income professionals in high yield markets, BUT only when you gain this awareness.  When
 you gain this awareness and point this out to your prospect properly, you trigger the ultimate opportunity FOMO (Fear of missing out)

You must engineer the sale because I can tell you that in 15 years of selling agency services to high income professionals NOT ONCE has a prospect volunteered this special long tail keyword up as a desired keyword.

Yet it's the ultimate longtail money keyword in high yield target markets!

What if I told you the
20 secret words that you can use for every high ticket client which moves the needle of cross sell conversions in your favor around 80% of the time.

How fast would your post pandemic business Grow if you had the 
exact strategy and formula to load your financial calendar with statements

of work ranging in value from $2,000 p/m on the low end to over $35,000 p/m on the higher end?

This Special Interest Training is Designed
Exclusively for Agency Owners, Founders,
Freelance SEO Bosses, Marketing Consultants,
and Media Entrepreneurs In Need Of A
Powerful Yet Inconspicuous Inside Sales System
Which Services
The Mass Affluent Market Exceptionally Well
In A Post Pandemic World?

This special interest course is for practitioners
who have existing remote sales experience. 
Remote earning potential
$150,000 to $300,000 annually

Using less than 30 simple words within a telephone conversation with your prospect, you can systematically gain $3,000 to $12,000 per month clients strictly from high income professionals.

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25 Six digit Campaign Templates

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